Monday, June 9, 2014

Well, life is good.  Tons of stuff going on as usual, and I'm learning more about myself everyday and changing for the better.  Today we went on a crazy hike that kicked my butt, we will definitely be paining tomorrow.
We have an amazing new family that is doing well.  The husband is constantly feeling the spirit, and even though he can't speak English he struggles through his prayers so we can understand. His first time he was nervous so we told him to pray silently for help first.  He immediately closed his eyes and prayed.  Then, when he began we could barely make out what he was saying but the spirit was so strong it didn't matter.  Reminded me of how simple our relationship with God is.  He is our Father, we are his children, and he is always willing to listen and answer us as long as we have the faith.
We are hoping for a baptism this saturday, the 14 year old Kiribati girl. She has been going strong and passed her interview (poor Elder Rainsdon had to have a translator the whole time).  We tend to have alot of investigators that need interpreters lately, not sure why but it has made me think a lot more about what to say.  When youve only got half the time and they don't really know what you are saying (before help) we have to do all we can to help them feel the testimony of the spirit.
We are putting some investigators on hold, picking up formers, and getting some new referrals.  Our new mission president is due in a few weeks and everyone is getting prepped.  The work continues on.  That's all I've got time for now, but know I love you all!!  Also, one of my new favorite hymns is 'Count Your Many Blessings'.  Have you ever actually counted your blessings?  Not the usual food, family, home.  I'm talking about really thinking about the small things that make a huge difference. Something that hit me as I wrote some down, is that I'm truly grateful for the experiences I've had in my life, both the good and the bad.  Without going through trials we can never learn or grow.  I know I wouldnt be the missionary I am today if i hadn't fought through the hard times and relied on the Savior.  I love who I am and I'm grateful for that.  M aking a list was an eye opener for me and I hope you each have the opportunity to do the same.
That's it for now,
Love always
Sista Pyne

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