Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey!! Sorry I'm on late today, we went on a hike this morning. Actually it ended up taking us 7 hours to get to the peak and back, we got lost a few times and ended up bum sliding most of the way down because it was so steep.  Sounds like my kinda p-day eh?!  It's called Mt. Korobaba and I've wanted to go on this hike since I was in Tamavua!!! That's one check on my mission bucket list.
 Here's a "before" pic of some of the group. (Those are our crazy Canadian ap's sporting their gear)

 This is what your feet look like after climbing a mountain barefoot.  It was so muddy that
our shoes kept coming off and we eventually gave up.

V0ew from the top of the mountain. You can see all of Suva!! Try and find the temple
 Finally made it to the top!!! Signed my name on the Fiji flag
Cegu Mada!! We were so dead.  We barely survived! Didn't help that it had been
raining all night.....  we all fell at least once.  Good zone bonding time.

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