Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hey Dad!!!
Yes, I've been soooo busy!! Last week we went to 2 zone conferences, MLC meeting, that Tongan sister was still staying with us, and all sorts of other craziness. We are getting ready for the new mission president. So sad!!  We found some new part member families and investigators this week. Cool story of the week.  Sister Klingler was checking our area books during zone conference and she felt prompted to ask about this member she hasn't seen in a while.  We had never heard of him before so we decided to ask around.  Miracle!  The first two random members we talked to were good friends of his and one had actually seen him the week before!  We were able to figure out where his house is and visit.  When we sat down with him he said he was thinking about going back to church for a while now and was planning on coming if it hadn't been for the rain ( it was POURING sara ga!!)  We were the confirmation he needed to decide to come back.  So grateful for the spirit prompting all these members!! 

The driving is good,  I barely hit the wipers anymore!  The hardest part is trying not to crash into all these insane drivers!!  Let's just say ive learned learned to drive aggressively.  Salt Lake drivers had better watch out!!  I'm still glad I'm extending, but it gets kinda hard seeing the other missionaries go home.  That's one of the bad parts about staying so close to the office.  It messes with your mind a little. 

As for my positive attitude in my letters; being around so many missionaries makes it easy to figure out what kind I want to be.  Some are complaining all the time or focus on the negative and they end up getting trunky and depressed.  Who wants to be sad on their mission!!!  I made a decision early on to not get upset.  When I was in Tamavua someone shared a quote in sacrament meeting. " It takes two to fight, and I will never be one of them".  I've kinda applied that to everything I do.  It takes two to be disobedient. it takes two to bible bash.  I flipped it the  other way too.  It takes two to be happy, or learn the language, or feel the spirit, and I will always be one of them.  If something upsetting happens and theres nothing I can do to change it, why waste time and energy being mad!!  I can take the lead in the companionship, put it behind me, and choose to be happy.  Having a positive mindset has been such a blessing!!
We drove that Tongan sister to the airport this morning, and on the way back we realized that it's summer break back home!!  Mind blown.  It's weird to think of everyone finishing up with classes and heading to their summer destinations.  Any fun trips planned yet?  It's kinda made me think of the first things I want to do when i get home.  Straight after the airport I want to go the the temple as a missionary (the Fiji temple will be closed so I won't get to go before I leave!!! ) and say hi to my buddies in temple square, then have a cold glass of home made root beer (there is NO root beer in Fiji and I'm going through withdrawls)  and the next day, head up one of the canyons for a family cook out.  It's funny how you miss the little things eh?  I'm looking forward to driving around aimlessly with those three boys again. they had better get their voices warmed up cuz im gonna be pumping my Fijian and Indian tunes!
Well, im out of time as usual, but know that I'm loving life, and can't wait to see what each new week brings.
Love you all!!
Sister Pyne

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