Monday, June 30, 2014

Wow!  My dad speaks Fijian!!  Bula Vinaka to you too, pops.  Sounds like life is movin’ over there.  When I get back I think im gonna spend alot of my time hiking in the canyons before the snow comes.  I miss that.  Isa, those pups.  Did they freak out?  Hahah!   Sounds like the weather here.  Last week was pretty cold.  I’ve actually resorted to wearing my jackets everyday and  scrubs at night.  Sister Chong and I share my big blanket to keep warm Lol!  Hmm, no sauna eh?  Maybe we can find a way to route the dryer vent into my flat.....  Yay for boating!  But don’t think I forgot about windsurfing,  I’m still gonna try it.  Hopefully I’m buff enough to pull on the sail,  I’ve gotten a little wimpy here.  Way to go on the kneeboard!  Was that a yardsale find?  I heard it was just a major junk swap as usual.  

Ooooo!! EFY!!  Way to go Scoot! Tell him to send me awkward first date pics!!   Funny story by the way.  Remember when I went to EFY and I was still 13?  My birthday was the week after so they let it slide.  Anyways, during the dances these senior guys kept asking me to dance and during the chatting they found out that I was still 13.  Awkward silence!!!  

Plan on going to Lagoon for Frightmares when I get back!! I think I’m gonna get butterflies on the little kid rides.  I almost died on the elevator in town today and it was only 4 floors up!   Yea, all the elders were like wow!!   It was pretty funny.

Hmm,  so Mom is getting Facebook friend requests from people in Fifi?  :D  I think a ton of them might be from the ward.  We were taking a group picture the last week and one of the YW behind me said "so your birthday is on july 7th?" I had never told anyone! Turns out all the YW totally stalk my Facebook and see all Mom’s posts.  And, speaking of looking at pages, our new mission president’s wife read my blog and said it helped her prepare and get excited.  Pressure!!!  I wonder what she read..... hopefully she didn’t see anything embarrassing!! 

Tell Scott to take better care of Granny’s car, although it’s in for a wake up call when I get home.  You know how I’ve always been the super-cautious-always-yields person?  Not any more!!!  Fiji has turned me into an aggressive driver.  I actually honked at someone today,  everyone in the car was shocked because I’m the only one who doesn’t honk all the time!!  I tried to hold on to my Utah ways, but you gotta fight for the right to drive here.

Things are going well here in Fiji!!  Typical missionary week.  In the beginning nothing goes according to plan, but by the end you realize who's plan really matters and everything works out for the better.  I’m blessed to see the Hand of God in everything we do.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but if we keep moving forward with faith, you know you’re in the right direction. Starting  the week we had some rough appointments and a ton of fall throughs. during our exchanges on Wednesday every appointment fell through, we used up our list of referrals and former investigators with only a few lessons to show for it. but we were able to give those people a chance to hear the gospel. or their second chance. or third!!  And honestly, that’s our purpose as missionaries; to give people as many opportunities as they need to accept the gospel and align their lives with Christ.  To quote one of the elders here, “When we have to drop an investigator we didn’t fail, we just haven’t succeeded yet!"  So true!  We just keep on keepin’ on…doing what we can until it’s their time.  Things are really picking up here in Samabula 1st.  This past Friday we had our ward farewell for the Klinglers.  It was so much fun and we had a ton of investigators attend.  We were running around like crazy trying to take care of them all, helping with the food and picking up things for Sister Klingler.  I think Heavenly Father know how crazy things were, because all at once our investigators were sudden hanging out with members and we had nothing to do!! 

Aah! one minute left.  Love you all!!! 

Sister Pyne

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