Monday, March 24, 2014

That's right everyone,  this sister is officially one of the "Senior Missionaries".  I've learned so much  about myself and the gospel since I came, and I still have a lot to learn.  Everyday brings new experiences, new people and new ways to serve.  It's been an amazing journey, and its not over yet! I've been thinking a lot about my service so far and how much more I can do.  I've got six months left and I'm going to give it all I've got.

We had a group go home this past week (including my first DL), and we keep forgetting they've left. It's hard to believe that there's life after the mission!!  It's always sad to see them go.  I think Heavenly Father gives us the new groups right on time to fill the gaps in the areas and in our hearts. Each intake is better than the one before and I'm excited to see what this new group will accomplish.
My intake is moving up the ranks in leadership, and now there are 4 from my same intake in this district.  It's so fun to be back together again, and I've loved seeing how each of us has changed and grown.  Who knows what will happen with all of us together.
So... news for this week.
It was an exciting week. to start out, we got a new intake on monday with only ONE sister so we were running around trying to balance our appointments with her schedule to make sure she wasn't alone.... craaaazy!  Tuesday we took her shopping in town and made it back with seconds to spare before her meeting started!  Sister Klingler needed help around the house so we ended up in the kitchen with her all afternoon.  Shes an amazing woman and an inspiration to all of us missionaries.   She always has some new project up her sleeve to serve and bless others.

I'm soooo looking forward to the baptisms this week!  Lea will be baptized tuesday afternoon with all the Suva YSA to support her.  She came along out of the blue, with no knowledge of the church.  Now shes striving to follow everything we have shared, changing her life and gaining her own testimony through experience.  Whenever  we first start lessons with someone we share that the gospel is like a cake. it might look nice, and smell nice, but youll never know its sweetness untill you dive in and take a bite.  Lea took it to heart, and has been 'eating the cake' ever since. its been so amazing to see the changes she is making .
Brother Saba's baptism will be on sunday afternoon.  He was another miracle.  We received a referral for a co-worker and ended up committing him to baptism in our first visit!  He's been moving quickly ever since and keeping us busy juggling member presents and his work schedule.  He always asks when he can see us again and what new things we're going to talk about.  He's got that 'love of God and of all mankind' down pretty well. Yesterday we started talking about family history and temple work and he was so excited about the opportunity to do the work for his ancestors. at first he thought there was a deadline for getting his information to us (our bad!!) and he was very concerned about finding everyone in time!  Everyone, take note and go do your family history!!  Go find them and show they how much they mean to you!!
As for the rest of the week, we had exchanges on Wednesday then our ward Relief Society birthday party on Friday.  Sister Lal (canteen lady at the primary) asked for our help so of course we said yes.  Little did we know we would spend the afternoon scaling fish, scraping coconut and making all sorts of dishes. we had so much fun, even though weve been finding scales everywhere since then.  The party was a success and we had some investigators and less actives turn up.
Aahh!! cut short again. the computer is fighting with my memory card, so you'll have to wait for all the pictures of the fishy coconut goodness till next week.
Loloma levu!!
Sista P

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

 Me and Lilly King, a member living in an old folks home. I love visiting with her!!!
 I made chicken soup the other day. Sooo good!!
 Elesi's baptism last month (we didn't have enough water, so she had to sit down lol!!
Me and Sister A
Bula Vinaka Kemudou!! 
How’s everyone doing?! I don’t have much time left, but I wanted to send something this week. 
I came across an awesome thought talking about our choices in this life.  "Celestial words, thoughts and actions, make a soul worthy of celestial glory." The little choices you make everyday can have  a huge effect on who you are and who you can become. When we choose to lower ourselves and take part in bad things we are limiting our divine potential. Whether it’s gossip, laziness, or even skipping morning prayers, little choices make up who you are. "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15 

I've enclosed a bit of my letter to the President if you are interested.

Loloma Levu!!! 
Sister Pyne

We had a really good week.  We were able to have frequent member present lessons with all our investigators who have accepted baptismal dates.  We  “re-committed' everyone because some weren’t progressing much, and we have been able to adjust our plans to fit their needs. Brother Kevu wasn’t really progressing because he would only let us visit once a week, and has stopped coming to church.   When we asked him how he felt about baptism now he said he would have to think about it.  He still keeps reading commitments, but he won’t allow us to see him often enough to keep him moving forward.  We also re committed the Kabu family.  They are really progressing and have good questions, but while talking with them this week Brother Kabu seemed hesitant.  When we asked him about it he said he was baptized in another church before but he did it because he liked the people, not because of the Lord.  He really wants to be baptized and his testimony is growing, but he doesn’t want to make that mistake again.  We encouraged him to continue to pray, and that as he acts in faith, we would be there to support him.
Leyah, one of our newer investigators, is progressing rapidly.  We are seeing her very frequently and this Saturday we discussed the word of wisdom and law of chastity (including modest appearance).  She is very sincere and decided to correct herself without any prompting from us.  We always meet with her at the institute with the Petersons, so we haven’t met her parents yet.  She is over age and determined to be baptized, but we encouraged her to speak with her parents and asked if we could meet them.
We have been working with the auxiliaries and ward mission leader to go through the cmis list and find the less actives that still live in the ward.  On Thursday we found the Yu family!  When we went over, Sister Yu asked if we were Mormon then immediately invited us in!  We were so surprised!  Brother Yu is still reading his scriptures, they had their church dvd's out, and he was very excited to see us!  He said he stopped coming to church when he had an accident a few months ago, and his leg still hurts too much to come (but his wife says other wise ).  They asked if we could help their sons improve their English skills, so we will be visiting them regularly and hopefully begin teaching Sister Yu. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bula Vinaka vei Kemuni!! 

I hope all my friends around the world are having a wonderful day!  I love you all. This week was crazy!   (I know I say that every week, but this week was more than usual, I promise!) We had something big happen everyday and we were running around trying to find time for everything. We had a cyclone on its way, so it was pouring rain all week long.
Tuesday was our zone conference at the mission home
Wednesday we went on exchange with TAMAVUA so I got to check out my old stomping grounds and spend the day with my Grand daughter. So fun!!  It’s funny to see what’s changed, and what’s same old -same old.  I even got to attend ward council!  Man was bishop confused,  haha :D 
Thursday was when the full cyclone hit,  so no power, no water.  Luckily we had stocked up early so we studied by candle light and cracked open our water storage. ( all our cupboards are FULL of bottles) Everyone was rushing the stores. Oh, here’s a miracle!!  There was only one store open in our area, we heard the power was out but we decided to try anyways. The second we pulled into the parking lot the power came on. We were able to do some quick shopping, get through the check out with no problems. Then right when we stepped outside the door, the power went off again!  Tender mercies of the lord!!  He truly is watching out for us.   
On Friday we had our all day leadership meeting at the mission home, amazing as usual!!  I’ve never enjoyed sitting in a 7 hour meeting this  much :D  We went over all our mission stats and I’m proud to say we are right on schedule to achieve our goal of 100 baptisms in March. Everyone has been working soooo hard and coming together.  New investigators are coming out of the woodwork totally prepared and ready for baptism. It’s amazing to see how the Lord blesses us when we are striving for righteous goals. Just in this first weekend of march we got 21 baptisms!!  Crazy eh? ! can’t wait to see what the rest of March brings. 
Saturday we had another exchange and I was here in Samabula.  Not much else going on.  We had a fireside last night where we watched part of 17 miracles and everyone shared about overcoming trials.  It was an amazing fireside!!  Nothing turned out as planned, but as usual the result was better than anything we could have done.  Thank goodness for heavenly planning!! 

Anyways, I’m out for this week.  We’ve gotten the assignment from Sister Klingler to go scout out good shopping places in town, so I’m off to fight the crowds of Babylon!!  Wish me luck!!! 

Love you all,

Sister Pyne