Monday, June 23, 2014

Dou Bula!!

Today is my official 4 months left mark, June 23rd!!!! Aahh!!! Where did the month go?
Samabula is gearing up for some major work.  We're getting lots of referrals and new investigators from the members, and it's wonderful!! 
We had some sick sisters staying with us all week so we were a quad at the flat with two running out at a time to do appointments and the sick sister being taken care of at home. 
news for the week.  
We had dinner with President and Sister Klingler this week. This is the last week for President Klingler, so everyone has been busy doing farewells and such.  A very well off member invited us to dinner along with President and Sister Klingler.  It was a little nerve wracking at first, but everything went well and we were able to hear some of their stories from former missions.
Loata is a new guard at the temple.  She is amazing!!  She's reading from the Book of Mormon, meeting with us almost everyday and already wanting to share with her family.  She has her eyes on the temple and can't wait for her baptism.  She has been searching for a long time and was currently attending a denomination called "The church of Jesus Christ of PRESENT Day Saints'.  First time I've heard of that church!  We have been focusing on the need for priesthood power in the true church and leadership from a living prophet (which they do not have).  She has accepted everything we share and is receiving daily confirmation that she has found the truth here.  Her testimony is on fire!! 
Teineuea is doing well.  She's very excited to continue learning about the gospel and begin working on her personal progress.  We received another referral from Sister Kaititi (as soon as her latest referral gets baptized she finds us a new family to teach). She moved this past week and the referral is for her tuvalu/kiribati neighbors. They seem pretty interested, the whole family came to church and even brought some relatives along!  We're very excited to begin teaching them this week.

Random news for the week.  While I was on exchanges on Saturday, my companion heard some weird noises coming from the stairwell outside.  She went out to check and found the senior elders lugging a clothes dryer up to surprise us!!!  We were shocked!!  Thank you for being so thoughtful elders!!!  We love you!  We did a celebratory load that night and I fell asleep to the sound of a dryer.  Sounded like home!

Well, that's it for this week, the computer is gonna shut me off if I try and send more. Much love to you all!! Read your Preach My Gospels and go share with some friends!!! 
Sister Pyne

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