Tuesday, April 22, 2014

 Guess what we did for P-Day?!    I finally got to go to that forest reserve in Tamavua!!  We were taking our morning walk when the Senior Sisters pulled up and asked if we wanted to come.  Monday was a holiday here so  EVERYTHING was closed and we had nothing to do for P-Day. 
Of course we said YES!!!  Here are some pictures of this amazing park!!!

Gorgeous waterfall!! And of course I've gotta find some critters :D My camera wasnt 
fast enough to catch the huge green parrot that whizzed by, but I did see it!!! 

Sorry they're mostly of Sister Chong, she was in front of me for most of the time so shes in alot of the pictures.  The boys on the swing are from our ward!!  We hiked down to the lower pools  and found the Kiribati Gang swimming and having fun!!  I'll send more pics next week.

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