Sunday, April 13, 2014


Alright friends, its that time of the week again. 
Sisters training was WANANAVU!!!  All the messages were exactly what we needed to hear.  When president tells everyone he's about to change what he prepared because he feels prompted to share a story, you know its gonna be good.  Our training was on Christlike attributes.  One hour was just me and my companion sharing how these attributes bless our lives as missionaries and members around the world.  I forgot to bring our outline to send, but i'll attach it later. I have a commitment for all of yous though.  Now that we heard from a general authority that everyone should be studying Preach my Gospel, go through the chapter on the attributes, kerekere!!  It's my favorite chapter and I learn sooooo much!  Let me know what yous learned.
I'm with sister Chong again!!  Man was I shocked when I heard she was coming to Samabula.  I had to ask the elder on the phone to repeat himself a few times.  We had some other sisters staying with us at first so it was a little crazy, but now we're back into our old routine, just double time!   It's been a little hard to focus at times because we've been busy catching up.

So funny story about conference..... somehow we mixed up the time for the Saturday afternoon session and priesthood session.  We walked into the school grounds to wait for some investigators and one of the YSA said 'are you coming to priesthood session?'   'um.... what?' Actually we ended up going inside to watch for a bit (we still needed to wait for our investigators).  Needless to say, it was a little awkward.  We had great timing though. For all yous who attended priesthood, we sat down just when Elder Dallin H. Oaks was talking about women and the priesthood.  Nailed it!!  Still haven't  watched the afternoon session, and the morning was pretty fuzzy so we'll have to borrow the dvd and watch it when we have time. yay!! 

Well, the craziness continues!!   I sent heaps of pictures this week so that took up a ton of my time, but know that i love all of yous. Tosoliu e vei siga!! 

loloma levu,
Sista Pyne

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