Monday, April 7, 2014

This past week has brought a lot of changes. 
Our golden investigator, Lea, is now a recent convert and is loving every minute of it.  Her baptism was amazing thanks to Elder and Sister Peterson.  All the YSA turned out to support her.  The computer still hates my memory card so I'll have to send pics next week.... again. 
Transfers were called in Saturday night, very unexpectedly, and someone is moving on.  Sister Alagaelua has been transferred to be An Stl in Ba!!  I'll be so sad to see her go.  Luckily we have a mission wide sisters conference on Thursday so I get to keep her until then.  And here's another surprise.... my new companion is SISTER CHONG!!  That's right, we're back together again.  We only had 6  short weeks together in Labasa, but now its time for the real fun to begin.  I knew we still had so much to learn from each other , and when she left I told her she was gonna follow me here someday.  Turns out 'someday' came a lot faster than I expected!! all I can say is the lord works in mysterious ways. 

Here's my miracle for the week.  We have an investigator who is 7th Day Adventist.   We've been meeting with him for a while and he's been keeping his commitments, but he hadn't received answers to his prayers and it was keeping him from progressing.  This week, all of that changed.  We were blessed to have another sister with us and her strong testimony and experiences was exactly what he needed.  During our discussions he gained a testimony of the book of mormon and the restoration. but was still stuck when it came to the true sabbath (7th Days worship on Saturday, following jewish tradition).  During our conversation we  realized that the reason he hadn't received an answer about the sabbath day is because he has put up a wall.  He was unwilling to accept any answer but what he already believed.  We shared this with him and encouraged him to pray with humility and a willlingness to submit.  It was amazing to see the change that came over him when this clicked.  After sharing a little more about sincere prayers, we knelt down with him for the first time as he said the closing prayer. It was the most sincere words I had ever heard him speak.  Now he is praying sincerely, being more open with us, and we even fasted together for him to open his heart and find the answers he needs.  It has strengthened my testimony of asking inspired questions and the power of the holy ghost.  I know it wasn't us sharing those words with him, the spirit put words in our mouths that he needed to hear.  We truly are being led in this great work, I have no doubt about it. all we have to do is humble ourselves, seek the spirit, and have the courage to share whatever is put into our hearts.
I hope all of you are doing well.  Stay strong and keep moving forward. 

Love you all!!!  I'm out of time. 

Sister Pyne

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