Monday, June 24, 2013

FYI: I (Annie's mom) post Annie's letters and photos to this blog, she doesn't have any access to this blog and can't read any of your fun comments.  You can email her at the address to the right. Because of the time difference, our Sunday is her Monday, which is her P-day and  the only day she she can receive and send emails.  If you email her no later than noon on a Sunday morning, she will get it and email back at around 6:00 that same Sunday night, mountain standard time (which is noon on Monday in Fiji.)  She only has a short time on the computer once a week so she may not be able to answer individually every week, but she loves your emails!   P.S. HER BIRTHDAY IS JULY 7th!!!  We would love to inundate her with emails, letters and  packages.  It does take about 2 weeks for a package to get to Fiji, and it's definitely not cheap, but we want her to feel especially loved on her birthday and appreciated for her service!
Hey guys, we started a mission scripture thing this week!!  Read along with me, about 9 pages a day. This week is from 1 Nephi 1-22. I'll send you a schedule next week.  Read for Faith, Baptism, Repentance, etc.!  Love you!! Sister Pyne
On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 3:19 PM, Annie Pyne <> wrote:
I've finally gotten used to the rain . I can't remember the last time it was sunny for more than 24 hours straight!  The constantly changing weather reminds me of Utah :D  Walking around in the rain is super fun!  When we get to the investigators homes they give us hot milo and cookies to warm up :D   The other day it was raining so hard we went and took rain-bath in the yard, complete with a bar of soap and opera singing.  Some nights are so clear you can see tons of stars, I wish we could sleep outside, but there's huge poisonous centipedes, spiders, mongoose . ..  you get the idea.
Its hard to keep track of the US holidays here, but the 4th should be pretty fun, we live close to the U.S. embassy and I'm sure they'll be having a party and fireworks or something.  The 24th is a big thing in all the LDS schools here as well.  They make a whole week out of it and dress up on one of the days. I wish we did that!  And as for that other special day this month.... :D  cant wait!  My first baptism is scheduled for the day before, we have dinner with one of my favorite families that night, and the zone leaders said they would try and plan something fun for p-day (hopefully a hike! ) . 

I've been trying to cook a bit here, but they just aren't turning out quite right, partially because of substitute ingredients.  There's a lot of stuff that you can't get here or it's way expensive.  A jar of peanut butter like we always get at home is around 20 bucks!!  Ouch!!  Won't be eating THAT for the next 14 months :D 

Fun things for the week: Had goat liver curry at an old Indian ladies house!  Kept telling myself  "its just chicken, its just chicken!" Luckily the spicy curry covered up the goaty liver flavor lol! When we told other Indians about it they were kinda grossed out. Apparently it's an old person thing and most Indians don't make it, especially for guests, hahaha!   Last week Sister Maile and I got to have an 'Ulu' dinner.  That's when they bury everything in banana leaves and dirt etc. to cook.  Super yummy and I got some fun pictures of wrapping up the packets. Eating raw sugar cane is a big thing in the pacific, and I tried it for the first time. You peel off the outside and just take a big bite. The texture is like celery on steroids! Super stringy. You chew on it until all the sweet juice comes out, then spit out the fiber part. Weird, but good.

We had a huge meeting this morning and watched that worldwide leadership training from Provo. If you have the chance, watch it! So amazing!  I'm hoping it prompts our ward leaders to get their butts in gear and help us out more!! 
Anyway, I'm out of time.  Love you all!! Miss you all tons!!

  Sister Pyne

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