Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bula everyone!! 
This week was pretty interesting. it was raining constantly and we had a cyclone warning so we were stuck inside for most of the time.Needless to say we got a little cabin fever, which resulted in reorganizing everything, drawing pictures, singing to modernized primary songs, and lots of fun memories.  
We got a lot of referrals last week so we had plenty of people to call while we were in weather quarantine. our newest investigator is Susan. She lives at the end of our street in a small tin house. The nearby village owns the land and she has been living there for about a year, making a small 'plantation'. She's 60 something and lives by herself, except for her dog. (he's pretty mean and has sent us running for cover more than once lol! ) Susan is amazing!! She's Methodist, but her brother and son are both members and she is very willing to learn. she actually asked for a Book of Mormon within the first 5 minutes!! She is so nice and has had really good questions for us to discuss with her. The other day we spent almost two hours just talking about things she read! We are super excited about her. We also had the opportunity to go visit some people in the local hospital. a member from another ward is in the hospital and contacted the mission office about bringing some things to the hospital for him. We thought it was just to keep him busy so we got some ensigns and a Book of Mormon for him. Turns out, he needed teaching pamphlets! While he's been there he's been teaching anyone in his hall who will listen and has a whole group of new investigators for us :D How awesome is that !! It's definitely the coolest story of the week. It's amazing that he could turn to spreading the gospel when he's sick and away from home. Hopefully we will be able to get contact info for all the people there and get it to their area missionaries! 
We also had zone conference this week. it was really nice to meet everyone and get some training. plus the lessons were all exactly what we needed! We've been having trouble getting the ward involved in missionary work, even the ward council! almost everything we talked about in the conference applied to member relationships and using them to do missionary work. We've already benefited a lot from what we learned. 
I think that's it for now, not many note worthy stories this week. I hope everyone is doing something fun to kick off summer! Fill me in on your adventures! :D 
Sister Pyne


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