Sunday, June 9, 2013

This week has been wonderful. The rain has slowed down a little so we actually got to go out and teach! yay!!  We've been super busy with all the new people we have.  We got six new investigators and six more solid referrals last week!! All you RM's know how awesome that is :D  We have one investigator with a baptismal date and another who will hopefully have one by the end of this week. We'll see.  All I can say is that its gonna be a crazy busy week and I hope we survive!! 
On Tuesday we had exchanges with the sister training leaders, so I had a different companion for a day.  It was fun to teach with her and I learned a lot, but I was so happy to see Sister Maile when she got back.  We work so well together and I'm so grateful I got her as my trainer.  We have been out working a lot more now that we know the area better, and have had some fun finding "shortcuts" the locals tell us about. (FYI: not all of them should be used when its raining. lol!)  We've had some pretty close calls. :P   The members are getting more used to us and have been more willing to help out, thank goodness!!
Noteworthy stories for this week: chasing geckos around the flat, taking the wrong bus and ending up back where we started, lots of slip and near falls from all the mud (found out I can almost do the splits lol!) playing baseball with the elders in ankle deep mud, running from the neighborhood dogs. you get the idea.  Lots of awkward moments that are bound to happen if I'm around lol! 
The work is really getting going in this area and we're doing well, but there is still sooooo much to be done.  I hope we can whip Tamavua into shape and get some baptisms before I have to leave. 
That's it for now!  I'm out of time. 
Love ya!! 
Sister Pyne

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