Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Hello Hello!!
Biggest news of the week is that our first baptism was Saturday!  The Elders before us had started the lessons so they did most of the work on this one, but we have three more on the 20th that we started with, so exciting!  So the baptism was crazy!!  We called to double check the plans the night before and the bishop and 1st counselor both said they were busy!!  We had to change the program, almost no one from the ward showed up, someone pulled the plug on the font so we had to refill it, and the guy who was supposed to baptize her never showed up so we had to post pone for about an hour so the elders could run home a get a white sulu and baptize her.  It was insane!!   But we got everything worked out, and she was confirmed a member of the church yesterday!  :D   Walking home after the baptism, there was a huge rainbow across the whole sky!  The first one I've seen in Fiji.  I thought it was a nice touch.
Cool story of the week.  There are two huge German shepherds on our street who are always out and we've been having a lot of problems with them on.  On Wednesday we were trying to get by them and they started chasing us!  Right when they got close a senior missionary couple in a car pulled up and saved us lol!  They had driven by and seen us running and decided it was time for a rescue.  The next day we were having problems with the same dogs . We couldn't get by and had forgotten the phone so we couldn't call a cab to pick us  up. We decided to walk back home and get it, but when we got to the flat there was a cab waiting already!  He said someone had called from our address,  but it wasn't us and it wasn't the people upstairs.  It was a cab sent from heaven!!   Nice to know we are being looked after.
Things here are going well!!  Not much else to report and my times almost up. .
Love you all and miss you!!
Sister Pyne

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