Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things have been going well, although it was a rough week.  Alot of things reminded me of home :( but I think I'm over the worst.  I'm officially half way thru my time at the MTC on Wednesday, so weird!!  Some of my room-mates left this morning so we should be getting some new ones tomorrow (Wednesday the 17th).  The language is so hard! We have to teach investigator lessons every day and we aren't allowed to use notes anymore.  Everything is memorized or improvised and all in Fijian!! :)  Crazy huh?!  I've been seeing tons of friends,and I love the new districts in my zone.  My first day as music coordinator went well......uummmmm other than that I just have classes, food, classes, food, maybe the gym or computer, then more classes and food!  That's pretty much my life.

Love Sister Annie Pyne

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