Monday, September 23, 2013

This week was really busy.  We had alot of extra things going on.  The ztm on Tuesday went well.  I prepared a doctrinal insight on the atonement and how it covers more than sin.  I really enjoyed hearing from the missionaries who are new to the zone, they had some really good insights.  We had a district inventory, discussed some key indicators we felt like we could do better on, and made some goals for the district.  Last, we talked about the importance of testimonies and had a testimony meeting.  The leaders are really thinking outside the box and it makes the meetings more effective.
Friday night, we had a ward missionary fireside.  It was the first one theyve had, so it was a little haphazard, but turned out well.  The theme was finding the lost sheep.  We asked a family to speak and they did a wonderful job.  One daughter talked about the attitude of the members and how we need to be more welcoming and willing to help out.  It's exactly what everyone needed.  We had planned an activity to do after the speakers, but somehow there was some miscommunication and Bishop Buresova never got permission to use the gym so we had to cancel the activity.  But we can save it for the next time.  Not too many people came, but its a start and we had a good time.  We learned from our mistakes and are sure the next one will be even better.

Friday night, the bishopric invited us to speak in sacrament meeting, with the topics of obedience and  the blessings we receive.  Sister Mataoa did a wonderful job and didn't seem nervous at all.  I spoke on why we have commandments and why we should obey.  At first I wasn't sure what to speak on and I was struggling to prepare, so I did my best and prepared what I could.  As usual, help came in the very moment I needed it.  During the beginning of sacrament I got some wonderful ideas and rewrote my talk.  It reminded me how the lord is always there for us.  If we do our part and  act on our faith, he will help us. (During my talk it was pouring rain!  The roof is metal and it was really loud, so I'm pretty sure the congregation had no idea what I was saying! :P )

We have started teaching a new family from last week and they are progressing very well.  Finding them was a very spiritual experience.  This week we finished lesson one.  They were very receptive of what we shared, attended sacrament meeting, and even invited some friends and family over for lessons.  Last time, we committed them to pray about the truth of the book of mormon and Joseph Smith.  We plan on following up this Tuesday.  They have been very sincere thus far and we are excited to see how they progress.  I found out that one of the relatives they invited over has family who are members back in Salt Lake, and one of my close friends from home knows them!  I'm hoping they will encourage him to continue with lessons and be a source of support for him.
Well, this is a very long letter, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Love always, Sister Pyne

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