Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bula Vinaka to all my lovely family and friends!!
I hope school is going well for all of you and you're making the most of the labor day weekend.
This week was interesting.  School was still on break, so almost all of our regular visits got cancelled and we had a lot of fall-threws.  Luckily that left us with more time to prep for the Bavadras baptism!  Between lessons, interviews, and clothes fittings we were at their house every day, so that was really nice. They're such an amazing family and I'm excited to see how they progress in the church.  Prep for the baptism was crazy as usual.  Late Monday night we found out that the stake was having a huge party at the same time as our baptism! So Tuesday we changed to another building, but when we called to let everyone know, they said it was too far and they would all be at the party!  Geeze!  So Wednesday night we finally settled on the first building and changed the time.  We thought the troubles would end there, but we were wrong.  We went to fill up the font, and it was super dirty so we had to find some stuff and clean it before we could fill it.  Then once we turned the water on, the kids from the party kept throwing stuff in! LOL!  I almost went swimming trying to get a ball out :D  All in all, it was an exciting day.  The baptism went wonderfully.  The elders took turns baptizing because it was Elder Moantewa's first time, so we wanted to give him the opportunity, but the mom is bigger than him, so Elder Andrews had to help out LOL!  They're the best.  Some of the Bavadras family attended and they're interested in learning more, so we may have the chance to teach her parents and sister. Yay!!
That's the biggest thing for the week.  Other than that, it was lots and lots of rain.  Our usual Sunday dinner appointment invited the senior sisters from our ward, so that was fun.
I'm out of time, so ill talk to you next week. Love you all!! 
Sister Pyne

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