Monday, July 15, 2013

Nothing too exciting this week, we had a lot of fall- throughs so we had some time to OYM and get new investigators. This week alone we have 7 new people to talk to and 3 new investigators.  We have so many people we've been giving them to the elders who share our area.  They have a car and don't stop and talk with people so they're running out of people to teach lol!  Those lazy elders :D

 The picture above is of our first baptism, Kelly Yuen.  She's 13 and  really "cheeky"!  We have three more planned for the 20th, hopefully they'll go smoother than Kellys' did!

We had a new intake (new missionaries coming to Suva)  this week.  The sister that I met at the MTC from California came in with them,  so I'm no longer the only white sister here!   I didn't have time to sit and chat with her, but we got to say hi.   Two of the other sisters stayed in our flat for a few days while they were waiting for their assignments.  It was super fun!!  

Still super rainy, but it's "winter" here right now, so the weather  isn't that hot actually, only 70-80 degrees lol!.   People have been walking around in sweaters and ski hats, lol!   Not that I'm much better,  I've gotten so used to the heat and humidity that when we have a "cool streak" I freeze to death!!  The only jacket i brought is my dad's rain slicker and it's not very good for snuggling up in bed. :P  We'll see if i can find a cheap hoodie somewhere.  The seasons are pretty much backwards. So when it starts getting chilly there it will be burning hot here.  Probably around September, which  is also the beginning of cyclone season. Yay!!

Love you so much!! 
sister pyne

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  1. Fun to read the shout-out to the other palangi sister! That's my daughter, Sister Megan Wright. She told me about Annie's blog so I have been reading it periodically. Sounds like she is having roughly the same type of experience as our missionary. Love and best wishes! -Laura Wright