Thursday, May 2, 2013

hey everyone!! its been a crazy week. im heading to fiji in two days and im super excited!! :D ive heard so many wonderful things about the people of fiji and how much they want the gospel. cant wait to meet them.
 my last week in the mtc has been a little crazy. my classroom had some things that needed to be done, so we switched everything over to a new building, and the whole mtc changed schedules. our meal and class times are totally different, and they changed our p-days to thursday so its been a while since i was able to check my email and stuff. now we are scheduled to eat dinner at 4:30 every day!! how crazy is that?! im pretty much starving by the time i get home and we've noticed that the vending machines by our zone's rooms are getting very empty :D  luckily i dont have to deal with it for very long.  thats all i have time for, but i love you all and love hearing from you. the next time i write ill be in FIJI!!!!
lots of love, Sister Pyne

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