Monday, May 27, 2013


the past week has been interesting. we met some new investigators that are going to be wonderful, and got some referrals. but others have said they dont want lessons anymore, so thats a bummer. everyone here keeps asking for the elders and where they went. people in fiji are so nice, that even if they dont want to join the church, they let you in and have you come back just to visit. some of the past elders "golden investigators" that they spent months with have told us flat out that they only took the lessons to get to know the elders. super frustrating. we're pretty much starting from scratch. 
since we didnt have very many appointments this week, we spent most of our time visiting the members in the ward and getting to know them. there are alot of inactives or less actives in our area so we're focusing on them for the moment. 
one of my favorite families are the Racule's. theyre one of our dinner appointments every week, and have been super helpful. one son just got back from his mission (he got called as our new ward mission leader yesterday :D ) and another just got his call last week so they area really interested in the missionary work in the area. we stop by whenever we're in the neighborhood, and they help us find the investigators houses. another great family are the samisoni's theyre a recent convert family and are so amazing!! they live pretty far out, and its an adventure getting to their house every week. both parents grew up as members but stopped going when they were young. because they know what life is like without the gospel, they are so strong now. they have three young boys, and all of them love reading the scriptures, are super polite, work hard and always participate in lessons. they are so willing to learn. definitely my favorite family. 
now for the news of the week. we spoke in church yesterday :D one of the counselors called us during a dinner appointment on tuesday. a minute or two later the phone rang and one of the daughters picked it up, talked for a bit, then ran into another room and started screaming/crying! turns out she got asked to speak too lol! it was pretty funny. we spoke on forgiveness. surprisingly i wasnt nervous at all, and actually had to cut off the end of my talk because i went over 10 minutes! how crazy is that!  definitely had alot of help from the spirit. 
funny events of the week: i kinda have a pet dog! we named her lia. she is super sweet, waits for us at the gate every morning and walks us to the main road. she comes when we call her and even chases off the scary neighborhood dogs! 
a few days ago, we were having dinner with a part member indian family and got in a discussion with the husband about his belief in the bible. he said he doesnt believe the bible because there and no dinosaurs in it. lol!! apparantly his hindu books talk about dinosaurs. because we know they existed he thinks that them not being included is proof that the bible is false. crazy huh!! super fun discussion about that after . . . .lol!
other than that, its just been an adventure of new foods, geckos in the flat, crazy bus rides and trekking through 'short cuts'. still loving fiji and and loving the people.
thats it for now!! hope everyone is doing well! 

love ya! 
Sister Pyne

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