Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fiji is awesome. I'm serving in the Tamavua area, right by Suva.  My flat address is  75 Navurevure Road, Tamavua, Suva, Fiji. (send packages and letters to the mission office.)  It's a two-bedroom flat.  We live on the ground floor under the family that owns it, but we haven't met them yet. We haven't done much teaching yet because my companion is new to the area too.  The elders who were in Tamavua before us didn't leave very good notes for the phone numbers and addresses of  investigators.  On one of the records it actually says " on the hill under the big mango tree".  How in the heck are we supposed to find that!?  We have to wander around the neighborhoods until we find someone who knows the families we are visiting.  It's been pretty fun.  The area I'm serving in is a pretty good mix of everyone.  Our neighborhood is really nice.  There are some white families in our ward and a small Chinese community, but everyone else is Fijian or Indian.  All the other places in our area are shanty villages.  Last night we had dinner at one of the members houses,  its a little tin-sided shack in a shanty town, and she doesnt have electricity.  She had kerosene lanterns around the house so we could eat and give a quick lesson.  It's so humbling to see the way they live and think about how much we take for granted at home.


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