Monday, August 18, 2014

Bula vinaka!!!
Yet another week has passed in this paradise I call home. 
We are getting used to our area and stocking up our investigator pool.  It's amazing to see the blessings of the Lord and how much can change in just one week.  Last Monday we had one investigator that was too busy to see us, and now we have five that are moving forward.  Testifies that when you do your part and work hard, the Lord leads you to the people who are prepared.
​We've been going around meeting members, finding shortcuts, and trying to see every street in our area so we can start working in the right places.  Exploring has been way fun, it's just a little embarrassing when you get on the bus planning on a 20 minute ride then realize the street you're looking for is only a block away, and you hop right back off a minute later...... awkward!!  That happened this past week when we got a referral from a member in another ward.  She just started dating a non member in her university classes.  We had a hard time finding them but felt really strongly that we had to see them that day.  We finally met up at a park by Suva Point and  had some amazing lessons!  He's Catholic but says he doesn't feel right about the way they pray, etc.  He was asking all his Christian friends about Christ and he liked what the LDS member said.  He got a Book of Mormon, started reading and has been asking questions ever since!!  We are so excited about his progress so far and can't wait to see how he changes as he learns about the gospel.

This past week I've been seeing investigators and members from all my past areas.  It takes me back to the beginning of my mission.  It's been so great seeing them and it makes me feel better about the people I served.  There was one investigator that I hadn't seen in over a year.  She never got baptized, but she was so excited to see me we both started crying and hugging on the street.  It turns out she's working just down the street! moments like that give me hope that they'll have another opportunity to hear the gospel.  Whenever I read scriptures about being in the celestial kingdom with those you teach I wonder who will be there with me.  There were so many people I grew to love who weren't quite ready when I came along and more who have wandered since I left.  All I can do is show my support and pray that they'll have the faith to move forward and find out for themselves.

We're still reading through the gospels for our mission read and this week I noticed how crucial the spirit is when you're trying to learn about the gospel.  Every time Christ is teaching in parables he says something to the effect of "understand what you will".  Those who were in tune with the spirit were able to see deeper than the surface moral and find the true doctrine.  As we are teaching investigators or even studying on our own, we need to create an environment that invites the spirit if we want to learn anything.  I never realized that the spirit can be such a huge part of my life until I came out here.  Whether its something huge like an invitation to baptism or as insignificant as packing my Chapstick, the Holy Ghost is there to help every step of the way as long as we are willing to listen. 

So that's life for me right now.  I'm down to a nine more weeks and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Following the spirit each day and trying to to as much as I can in the time I have left. 
To all of you who are out already,  don't waste a moment. and to those who are thinking about it, nothing else in your life will make such a huge impact on who you can become.  It is way worth the sacrifice. 

Keep on keepin on!!  Loloma levu,
Sista Pyne

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