Sunday, August 3, 2014

sorry its been a while, things have been a little crazier than usual here in my island paradise.
we had president layton's first transfers this past week and let me tell you, there were some major changes!!  i was called to train and white wash in the suva 3rd ward. it was hard leaving samabula. ive learned so much in my 6 months there, and i didnt want to say goodbye, but i knew my time was up. i had been praying for an opportunity to train again before i went home, and i got my wish. the lord has some work for me to do in suva 3rd!
 monday night, my trainee flew in from the mtc and stayed with me and sister chong in samabula before we went to our area. shes the only sister in her intake so i already knew we would be companions, sister chong and i had a great time keeping 'my identity as her trainer' a secret until she opened her letter with the rest of the intake. we spent tuesday and wednesday driving to the airport and bus stand a few times helping with transfers and departing missionaries before sister matheson (chongs new companion) came in from lautoka. then wednesday afternoon we unpacked and hit the streets
my daughters name is sister Levave from samoa/hong kong. shes 20 and is the oldest of 6 in her family, first one to serve. so far im loving the Suva 3rd ward. its been a bit of a struggle figuring everything out since all four missionaries in our ward just got transferred in. we've spent some time wandering in the squatter settlements looking for members/investigators with nothing but names and a house color to go on. these first few days have been an adventure  and im sure it wont calm down anytime soon. theres so much work in this area that we have 4 ward mission leaders!! (one is an RM from fiji and i keep calling him elder by accident .... awkward!)
anyways, we have some great members in this ward who are so willing to help. a few awesome investigators and tons of recent converts to strengthen. im excited to be training again and am looking forward to the adventures in the weeks to come. only 12 more before i die, and im gonna make the most of it.
we are still doing the gospel read here in FSM and im learning so much about how the savior teaches. everyone, get out our new testaments and start reading cuz theres a lot to learn!
im sure ill have some great experiences to share with you next week, but for now im out of time!
loloma bibi vei kemudou!!
sista pyne

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