Sunday, July 13, 2014

bula mama!!

IT'S SISTER PYNE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! i made her breakfast, found her a can of spam from one of the senior couples and made her cookies and all that fun stuff. it was so fun!! some sisters brought her a cake and it was way good. hope she had fun :)

well this week we went and knocked on doors a lot!! we took some of the YSA girls with us and we just picked a street and knocked on every door down that street. it was really good and fun!! man it was so fun! in the beginning of my mission i hated knocking on doors but now i love it!! i think its so fun to talk to random strangers. i might keep doing it when i come home.

we had a ward dance on 4th of july. we made cookies for them and helped work the cookie booth. a lot of our members brought non member friends that we were able to talk to and it was really good. 

okay funny stories this week. so while we were knocking on doors we were walking past this dogs....which by the way, i hate dogs! and it was just lying there as we walked past and my companion decides to yell, "tiko vakadua!!" at the dog and all of a sudden it jumps up starts growling and gnashing its teeth at us and i literally almost jumped in the drain right next to me. it was so scary!! oh and did i mention that the dog only had 3 legs!! hahahaha!!
my second story is i was backing up my companion after an appointment one night and right as i was going to open the door to the car i saw that there was a gecko on the handle. so i jumped back and wouldn't open the sis pyne had to put the car in park and come around, grab the gecko, throw it on the road, and said "alright, get in the car." it was so funny!!! it still grosses me out that she just grabs geckos but im not gonna complain because i don't have to touch them. she's the bomb!!

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