Sunday, July 13, 2014

Annie was so busy reading birthday emails last week she didn't have time to write a blog, but I thought Sister Chong's blog post for the week was cute so I copied it to Annie's page. I hope they don't mind.  I've posted a link to Sister Chong's blog in the upper right hand corner. I dread the day that they get new companions because I learn more about what Annie's doing from Sister Chong's letters than Annie's!

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  1. Bula! This is Sista Chong's mama and we are thrilled that our daughters are serving together. When we found out that Sis. Chong would be serving in Fiji, we surfed the internet for mission blogs and Sis. Pyne's blog was the first sister missionary blog we found. Now look at them. Companions for a few months, Friends for Always!! I've read all your posts and found them informative, helpful, and a joy to read. Transfer day will be a sad day indeed. Hope to meet your ohana soon.
    aloha ~ Heidi