Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hey hey hey!!!  How's everyone this week!? 
I decided to switch things up and try a new font color this week.  Thinking about it, this is probably the same color as the blog background... whatever!  (Mom note: It was exactly the same color, I posted it.... and it just disappeared! So I changed it to black!)
This was the week of firsts.  My first exchanges,  the end of my first week in Samabula,  first time making a ward mission plan, we sang for the prelude in church.... and who knows what else.
The exchanges were so fun! It was really weird at first. I don't know if  I have a rep as a super obedient, "Doesn't take any crap!" kind of sister, but the poor sisters thought I was going to be watching them like a hawk and correcting everything they do!  But, honestly I felt bad that they were so scared!  So of course I pulled out my Brighton social skills and lightened the mood.  This week I went to Makoi and Lami. 
Aahh!! sorry!  I have to get off, my comps are done. I'll talk more about it next week!!
Love ya, Sister Pyne

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