Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hey everyone!!!  It's blog time!!
I've only got 10 minutes so we'll see how much I can get down.
Still truckin' along here in Suva 3rd and loving life.  I've only got a few weeks left (gasp!!), so I'm trying to make the most of it and do all I can.  I re-discovered a scripture the other day, Moroni 9:6.  No matter what, just keep on working!!!
We should be having a baptism next week!  Our investigator is right on track and her testimony is shining through.  I've seen a change in her life and her appearance since she started learning more about the church.  It's the gospel in action!  Talk about gaining the image of Christ!!  We had a hard lesson on the law of chastity with her this past week.  She's a single mom and was never married to the father.  We tried to be very sensitive to her feelings but still get the commandment across,  focusing  on healing that comes with repentance and becoming clean from past sins.  First time for me to teach a single mom like that.  Definitely opened my eyes to the power of the atonement.
Still doing the mission read form pmg lesson 2 and loving it!!  The book of Mormon truly is a testimony of Christ.  If any of you have a Preach My Gospel (that means all of you cuz its online!!) check it out and do some reading.  I came across a few talks by Elder Bednar about the empowering nature of the atonement. holy awesome!!!  I don't know the names, but try and find them!!   I've been really praying for the Lord to give me understanding and to help me strengthen my weaknesses through experience. and recently I've been feeling his hand in my life everyday holding me up and leading my thoughts.  The atonement can truly be a daily part of our lives as long as we let it.
well im out of time!!  Love you all and hope you are doing well
See you soon!!
Sista Pyne

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