Sunday, May 25, 2014

This week was a little crazy with all the extra things going on in our area, but as usual we had help from all sides and everything worked out, even if it wasn't how we planned it. Life as a sister training leader never slows down. We got a new intake, which means we have to go shopping with the new sisters to get them set up. We were helping out with transfers all week and we've had 6 sisters in and out of our flat with more to come. After sister Iro left, sister Mataoa (my daughter) stayed with us for a few days, it was so fun! She and sister Chong were companions in the MTC so we already knew each other really well. Let's just say things got a little crazy! Then Sister Ngauamo came from Tonga. She has already been serving there for 10 months but her family is moving to Utah so she came to get her visa and will be staying with us till Friday.   Having sister Mataoa and Sister Ngauamo with us allowed us to contact all of our referrals and we have some new investigators to teach.  There's a new Indian family, mom and dad are both orphans, and they have 3 kids. They're a referral from a member living just down the road from them.  They've already come to church 3 weeks in a row and have a strong desire to learn as much as they can.  We're so excited to be sharing the gospel with this wonderful family!  We also started teaching a 14 year old Kiribati girl staying with a family in the ward.  From what we understand she already finished the lessons in Kiribati and just needs to be re-taught before baptism.  We need to have translators to help in the lessons which makes it a little hard, but we have the opportunity to bring along a prospective missionary and help her prepare. With scheduling for Sister Ngauamo and Sister Mataoa's appointments, visiting sick sisters in the hospital, upcoming baptisms and a farewell for Elder Wakolo's family, we have been jumping between the hospital, the office, and the U.S. embassy, somehow finding time for our investigators.  After all this I think I'll be a pro soccer mom, on the go 24/7!
In the midst of all this we were preparing for a baptism on Saturday.  When the day came we had the programs and white's ready, filled the font, packed up our burnt brownies  and waited. our investigator didn't show!  You would think that all this would be the end of the world for a missionary, but I felt this peace through the whole thing that it would all turn out ok.  After being m.i.a. that whole day, we ran into him and had the opportunity to really talk things over.  Now he knows what he needs to do.
This week we'll be spending most of our time in the mission home.  Tuesday and Wednesday we will be helping with zone conferences and Thursday is our mission leadership council, then we have one more zone conference next week. Who knew missionaries had so many meetings?!

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