Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bula Vinaka vei Kemuni!! 

I hope all my friends around the world are having a wonderful day!  I love you all. This week was crazy!   (I know I say that every week, but this week was more than usual, I promise!) We had something big happen everyday and we were running around trying to find time for everything. We had a cyclone on its way, so it was pouring rain all week long.
Tuesday was our zone conference at the mission home
Wednesday we went on exchange with TAMAVUA so I got to check out my old stomping grounds and spend the day with my Grand daughter. So fun!!  It’s funny to see what’s changed, and what’s same old -same old.  I even got to attend ward council!  Man was bishop confused,  haha :D 
Thursday was when the full cyclone hit,  so no power, no water.  Luckily we had stocked up early so we studied by candle light and cracked open our water storage. ( all our cupboards are FULL of bottles) Everyone was rushing the stores. Oh, here’s a miracle!!  There was only one store open in our area, we heard the power was out but we decided to try anyways. The second we pulled into the parking lot the power came on. We were able to do some quick shopping, get through the check out with no problems. Then right when we stepped outside the door, the power went off again!  Tender mercies of the lord!!  He truly is watching out for us.   
On Friday we had our all day leadership meeting at the mission home, amazing as usual!!  I’ve never enjoyed sitting in a 7 hour meeting this  much :D  We went over all our mission stats and I’m proud to say we are right on schedule to achieve our goal of 100 baptisms in March. Everyone has been working soooo hard and coming together.  New investigators are coming out of the woodwork totally prepared and ready for baptism. It’s amazing to see how the Lord blesses us when we are striving for righteous goals. Just in this first weekend of march we got 21 baptisms!!  Crazy eh? ! can’t wait to see what the rest of March brings. 
Saturday we had another exchange and I was here in Samabula.  Not much else going on.  We had a fireside last night where we watched part of 17 miracles and everyone shared about overcoming trials.  It was an amazing fireside!!  Nothing turned out as planned, but as usual the result was better than anything we could have done.  Thank goodness for heavenly planning!! 

Anyways, I’m out for this week.  We’ve gotten the assignment from Sister Klingler to go scout out good shopping places in town, so I’m off to fight the crowds of Babylon!!  Wish me luck!!! 

Love you all,

Sister Pyne

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