Monday, February 10, 2014

My new Fiji driver's license.  We drive like the Brits, on the wrong side of the road!
A district meeting I went to on exchanges.  the one standing in the front is Elder Spackman
 from my intake, and the skinny Kai Valagi in the back was with me in Labasa.
Here's our car.  The elders saw it parked at our flat during the day
(we were teaching our neighbor) and left a "Don't be lazy!" note
Here's the view from my front porch : D  Soooo pretty!  I can see the Angel Moroni from my bed.
This is a convert family, the Johonson's.  They're my home away from home. 
They have 5 YSA in the same family!  The mom is the YW president and the boys teach in 
Elder's Quorom.  The youngest, Mikey, is my bud.

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