Sunday, December 29, 2013

              I found this chicken foot in my curry, and yes I did bite it! Take that Lauren!!
The two in the middle are new converts. From left to right. Sister Mataoa, me,
Seniloli, (the member who baptized Sami), then Sami, Bradley,
 Elder Saumaki and Elder Hyde.  Elder Hyde's my district leader in Labasa now :D
P.S. Labasa is pronounced "Lambasa" In Fiji you put an M before a B.
Here's some pictures of dalo. You boil the leaves with coconut milk or other stuff, and you can bake the root. It makes your throat a little itchy if its not cooked enough though.
                                                            Me and Sister Chong

We had exchanges with the Sister Leaders this week so we went out for dinner their last night
                                                               Some recent converts

                                                          Too muddy even for sandals!

                      I tried to convince my dad that this was our new flat, but no go. It is just down
                      the street from our place though. We live in a duplex where EVERYTHING is
                      pink, from the paint to the tile.  Yikes!

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