Monday, October 7, 2013

how was conference!? i hope everyone enjoyed it. havent seen it yet, but i cant wait to hear what our leaders have to say. this past week was interesting. theres a flu bug going around, and both of us were sick so we spent most of the week at the flat. we did get the chance to find a new family to teach though. their names are prem and rita. nice indian family. we only met with them once, but they seem like theyll be a really good family to discuss with. the father is sick and a member family  they know contacted the elders to him a blessing and we got a referral to teach after  that.
we also have another baptism :D sami from volaus family accepted a baptismal date. hes the only one who comes to church and been present for every lesson. hes such a good kid!!
other than that, theres nothing new. we have some fun ideas to try with our area so hopefully ill have some stories in the next few weeks. ill keep them secret till then. 
love you all!!
sister pyne

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