Monday, February 24, 2014

 Here's a less active family we visited.  The daughter asked if
we could take pictures, and I was like "Sure, me too!"
 My room.

 View from our porch.
Check out the price on those cherries!!! (It converts to about $15.00 (U.S. money) a pound!)
 This is me and Sister Kaititi (pronounced Kaisisi) on exchanges in
Nausori.  She's from Kiribati and her mom is in my ward.
Me and Sister Alagaelua on temple day last week.
 All the missionaries flew in for a conference, so we went crazy with pictures.  We didn't get one of our entire intake because we couldn't get everyone together at the same time lol!

 Elder Kaipuke from my intake.  First time I've seen him since we came to Fiji.
 Elder Ravutaumada, he was with me in Labasa.
Three of the five Valagi Sisters, Sister Matheson, Sister Rich and me.
 Elder Singh, Tamavua.  He was in Lami.
Elder Palmer, one of the AP's for a long time.  He flew with me when
I first went to Labasa.  He just went home on Wednesday.
Elder Moantewa, he was with me in Tamavua.

 Elder Tafuna.  We were in the same branch in Labasa.
140 missionaries in one parking lot was insane!.
Elder Tepetanga from my intake.

Monday, February 10, 2014

 Me and Sister Chong in the Labasa airport right before I left.

Elesi's baptism from a few weeks ago.  The one baptizing her is Seta from the
Johnson family and little Mikey ran in at the last moment.
Mission Leadership Council 
Four generations of missionaries!   My mom Sister Maile, me, my daughter Sister Mataoa
 and my grand-daughter Sister Pauga.  This was right before Sister Maile flew home. 
Making lolo buns my last night in Labasa with the same family who made us eel.  
You scrape a bunch of coconuts and squeeze the juice out, then cook the buns in it.
My new Fiji driver's license.  We drive like the Brits, on the wrong side of the road!
A district meeting I went to on exchanges.  the one standing in the front is Elder Spackman
 from my intake, and the skinny Kai Valagi in the back was with me in Labasa.
Here's our car.  The elders saw it parked at our flat during the day
(we were teaching our neighbor) and left a "Don't be lazy!" note
Here's the view from my front porch : D  Soooo pretty!  I can see the Angel Moroni from my bed.
This is a convert family, the Johonson's.  They're my home away from home. 
They have 5 YSA in the same family!  The mom is the YW president and the boys teach in 
Elder's Quorom.  The youngest, Mikey, is my bud.

Hows everyone this week? Still freezing over there?   

     This week was  a miracle in disguise.  At the beginning Sister Alagaelua and I were still sick, our car was in the shop, and all our investigators cancelled (we found out AFTER we walked to each house) boo! Then we had sisters staying with us, we were picking and dropping for showers (someones water got turned off) picking and dropping at the bus depot, 4 days at three different LTA offices (Fijian 'DMV')  trying to get licenses for me and another sister, and all sorts of craziness.  We were wiped out!  Because of all the extra stuff we were doing, we barely had time to visit our investigators.  Needless to say, we were pretty discouraged.  But I know that the witness comes after the trial of our faith.  When things get tough and you feel like everything is going wrong despite your best efforts, that's when you see the hand of the Lord.  I have experienced this so much in my life, and this week was another witness to me. 
       We had received a referral for one of the guards at the LDS primary, so Friday we went looking for him.  It turns out he got fired and no one had his phone number, but because we kept looking around, we were led to another guard who was really prepared for us.  His name is Vilimoni.  We met with him once and discussed the restoration, he believed everything and accepted a baptismal date that first night!!  We were so surprised!!  We also got another new investigator with a baptismal date.  He's the father of a             part-member family in our ward, and he just got back from Kiribati.  The kids ran up to us after sacrament and begged us to come to their house because he was finally home.  We sat down with him, reviewed the plan of salvation, (he had taken lessons in Kiribati) and he said he wanted to be baptized!!  Mind blown!!! I've never had someone accept on the first visit before, and now twice in one week!!  We are definitely being blessed for the crazy week we had.  
    And today I got my Fijian drivers license!!  I was really nervous (I was having problems remembering to use the blinker instead of the wipers, hahaha!)  But we were blessed with a very nice instructor who chatted with me the whole time, and answered all my questions. now I can officially drive on the wrong side of the road. 

Well everyone, I'm out of time for now but I'll write again next week.  Elder Anderson is coming!!!!!

Love always!
Sister Pyne.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sorry, Annie has been sick and didn't do a blog this week. Apparently she's contracted a mild case of Dengue Fever, which you get from a mosquito that's roams around in the daytime, and usually isn't too serious as long as she takes care of herself.  She's promised some photos and hopefully she'll feel up to a blog letter next week.